Frequently Asked Questions:

1).  Is the online calendar correct?

2). You have a two night minimum, but I see single nights available on your calendar. Am I able to rent those single nights?
Yes. Please call our office at (608) 647-5720 to reserve available single nights.

3).  How/where do I check-in?
We live right here on the grounds. When you enter Candlewood Lane off of Hwy 80, stop at the house on the left . We will get you checked  in and on your way to your cabin.

4).  Do you keep a cancellation wait list?
Sorry, we do not keep a cancellation list. When a cancellation is received it is immediately posted on our online calendar. If it is within our 14-day cancellation policy, we also announce it on our Facebook and Instagram page.

5).  Do you host weddings?
Because of insurance liabilities, we cannot host a wedding.

6).  How far out can I reserve a cabin?
We book one full calendar year out.  On January 5th of the current year, we will open up the entire following calendar year to take your reservation.

 7).  I need to cancel my reservation. What should I do?
While not refundable, your $50 deposit follows you to another reservation. Please refer to our 14-day cancellation policy for complete instructions.  

8).  Are there TV’s in the cabins? Cell reception?
There is a TV in the Log and Hillside Cabins for DVD viewing only. There is no network TV. There is wireless internet in all the cabins except the Glass House. Unless you have Verizon, it is unlikely that you will get cell reception and because you are in the woods, even that can be spotty. There are private phones in each cabin with private numbers except the Glass House