Why must my reservation balance be paid so early? My stay is a whole month away!

It’s true, we are currently requiring payment 1 month before your stay. This isn’t because we’re greedy, it’s really to help avoid the frenzy of a last-minute cancellation. You can imagine, with most reservations booked over a year in advance, life’s circumstances change, or some folks even forgot about their booking. Securing your cabin with payment a month prior means there’s less chance you’ll be in the unfortunate position of canceling such great plans. And if you must, it provides more time to re-rent your cabin, keeping you free of the financial obligation. Win, win!  


I need to cancel my reservation. What should I do?

Oh no! We understand - you’re not happy about it either. Let us know and we’ll try our best to re-book your cabin. Unfortunately, depending on the timing of your cancellation, we cannot guarantee a refund. Please refer to our cancellation policy here for complete details. 


It looks like you don’t have any available dates. Is the online calendar correct?

Yes, it is. We know. . . these cabins are really popular. 


You have a two-night minimum, but I see single nights available on your calendar. Am I able to book one of those?

Yes, you can! Sometimes a single night gets sandwiched between other existing reservations. The online system is prevented from booking these dates, but give us a call or send an email and we can usually get you in.  


Do you keep a cancellation waitlist?

Officially? No, we do not keep a cancellation waitlist. The best way to land a last-minute opening is to watch our online calendar and social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). The spontaneous who keep a close watch will tell you they’ve been rewarded. 


How far out can I reserve a cabin?

We are currently accepting reservations up to 24 months in advance. Further than that just seems like a bit much, wouldn’t you agree? 


What time is check-in / check-out?

You can arrive anytime between 3pm and 8pm. Let us know if you’re going to be late (we hit the hay pretty early around here). Check-out is a prompt 10am. Our little cleaning crew has a lot to do before the next guests arrive and every minute counts!  


How / where do I check-in?

We live right here on the grounds. When you enter Candlewood Lane off of Hwy 80, stop at the house on the left. We will get you checked in and on your way to your cabin.


Do you host weddings?

Weddings? No. Honeymoons? Totally!

 So, what's the difference between "full kitchen" and "kitchenette"? Glad you asked! A "full kitchen" is stocked with a refrigerator, microwave, stovetop, toaster, drip coffee maker, tea kettle, pots & pans, plates, glasses, mugs, flatware, and utensils (including a wine opener). A "kitchenette" is stocked with an under-counter refrigerator, toaster oven, drip coffee maker, pots & pans, plates, glasses, mugs, flatware, and utensils (and yes, even a wine opener)... phew. 

Are there TVs in the cabins? Wifi or cell reception?

There are small TV’s in the Log and Hillside Cabins for DVD viewing only (there is no network TV). Wifi is provided in all the cabins except the Glass House. Unless you have Verizon, it is unlikely that you will get cell reception, and because you are in the woods, even that can be spotty. There are private landline phones in each cabin except for the Glass House.